Hi, I'm Daniel Koroma. I'm originally from Sierra Leone and many years ago,  I proudly chose to become an American. I'm  also very proud to be running for the 5th District of the Montgomery County Council. I want my fellow neighbors, friends and residents of our great County to have the same opportunities, and positive experiences that were afforded to me. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to attend the University of Maryland, receive a master's degree in Technology and Entrepreneurship from the Clark School of Engineering. 
I want to help make Montgomery County move vibrant and successful,  bringing in new jobs, enhancing our school system, and leveraging our great reputation. 



I believe every child in MCPS should read at or above grade level. We need to close the educational opportunity gaps by supporting teachers, families, and students at all levels. My son graduated two years ago from Spring Brook High School and my daughter is a senior at Blake High School. I know first hand the struggles of teachers and the PTAs , so I will fight for:

  • Training and paying MCPS school staff as the professionals and frontline workers they are.

  • Adequately fund MCPS and advocate for an increased State CIP budget based on current and projected school enrollments and capacities.

  • Combine college prep programs with financial literacy, technical training, and workplace experience.  

Business & Community Development

I have over 20 years of economic development experience with business banking expertise. I know the challenges faced by nonprofit and for-profit businesses during this COVID-19 pandemic. We need to provide relief to our neighbors in need and small businesses. Access to information, capital, and credit should be increased through partnerships with community development organization and financial institutions. I will fight for:

  • Equitable economic and community development investments to make Montgomery County a more innovative place for startups and more competitive at attracting large employers.

  • Improved governmental processes that support business and community growth through expansion, development and transportation infrastructure growth.

  • Expanding housing at all eligible income levels and age categories. Create more pathways for homeownership, which will reduce both racial and generational wealth gaps in the County. 

  • Developing and retaining a skilled talent pipeline for businesses, including offering retraining opportunities through Montgomery College.

  • Building an ecosystem with access to information, availability of capital to help existing entrepreneurs succeed and attract new business investments.

  • Supporting key industry sectors that are critical to the County’s economy and quality of life, including restaurants, entertainment and hospitality.


Health & Environment

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how interconnected we are as a community. Similarly, the rate of vaccinated residents proved that together we can accomplish great things. I continue to work with many community based organizations and health institutions to get funding in order to serve frontline workers and our neighbors in need. Since March 2020, I have conducted over 70 webinars, workshops, and information sessions on COVID-19 relief grants. As a result, I will fight to:

  • Strengthen access to primary health care for uninsured children, adults, and seniors.

  • Support the three Minority Health Programs in the County as they continue to improve the health outcomes for racial, ethnic and other under-served communities.

Environment justice demands that we take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact on communities, especially communities of color. I will fight to:

  • Implement the County's proposed climate action plan.

  • Build a sustainable, local food supply chain

  • Leverage the procurement power of the County's anchor institutions to drive our climate actions and local development goals.